• $7.00

Our plaques and frames are completely unique and personalized gifts that celebrate the individuality of the receiver.  You can choose several components of these items

to make it a truly special gift.

BACKGROUND: Each background is painted by hand with watercolors and you can choose which colors would make this gift truly special.  You can even download a color palette that I will use to make the background.

QUOTE: You can choose a quote or saying that the person is fond of or just put their name. You can choose a quote from their favorite book or song. I have also added several quotes and sayings that you can choose from.  You can also choose a font that you like as long as it is downloadable and free.

CHARACTERISTICS: If there is a human character on the item you can choose hair color and skin tone as they are all hand colored. You can choose the colors of the animals such as a special cat or dog.

The sizes of the items vary from 4x7 (usually the size for the door plaques) and 5x7. Each is framed with either a black or white frame.  You can also choose to have the item as a picture frame which would mean that there would be no background piece and the characters would be on the outside of the frame. Names can also be printed on the frame. You can also choose to have the piece with a back easel for a table top or with a coordinating ribbon to be hung on the wall or a door.

Any components you see on any piece in the collection can be interchangeable. What I show is only a suggestion, let your imagination go WILD!!!